Cannot login to my account on episode app

So I tried to login into my account. It’s not lettinc me do that.
Here’s what it says:

Can anyone help?

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I had an IOS account then I started using my android more and had to create a new account. It’s because you cannot use an account from an IOS device on an android.

But then I can’t check my stories and other stuff if I have to do a New acc? And I can only access it from my computer?

And if I wanna proof read my stories from my Phone wouldn’t it mean I have to publish them On the New acc also? And maybe delete the old one

Do you have an IOS device? Because then you would have to use that idk why but episode wont let you switch from IOS to android or vice versa.

I have my old Phone that I just swiched from. But I planned on selling it :grimacing: I only have my laptop that is an ios device

I switched from IOS to Android and I lost all my progress because it wouldn’t let me log in

Well this f:ing sucks. I’m gonna have to figure out what I’m gon a do

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