Cannot move character out of overlay

So you will definitely know I’m super new at this, but I’m trying to have my character be in front of the bed overlay, but I can’t seem to figure it out. I want her to walk from the right of the screen to stand on the right side and then do her animation and narration but but for some reason I can’t figure it out. Any help would be appreciated!

You have to actually add the overlay to the scene, so put it on the script right after the background like this:

at layer 1

This will put the overlay at layer 1, then you should put you character at any layer above that. You can do so with a command like this:

@CHARACTERNAME moves to layer 2

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Let me try this and I’ll get back to you, thank you! I just added the background without anything so I was confused as to why she showed up behind the bed.

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No problem! Some Episode backgrounds have built-in overlays that show up without you having to code them, you can identify them if they have “OL” somewhere in the title. If not, you’ll have to find the corresponding overlay in the overlay section and put it along with the background. Hope it works, if it doesn’t let me know and I’ll try to help further.

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Okay so I got that, but now it’s all a matter of having her be in a specific outfit and walking to where I want her to appear from (example: wanting her to walk from the right to the right side of the screen)

When I previewed it, it showed up like this which is not what I wanted so now I’m just confused lol (You can really tell I am a total beginner at this)

@CHARACTER walks to spot xxx (xxx stands for the spot)
@CHARACTER changes into outfit name (Code to change into different outfits)
& command with changing outfit will not work, only @ command will…

Idk if this helped but lmk if it did :smiley:

Okay, so I can try coding it for you if you tell me what you need her to do and where to be? If you want her to be in zone 3, you’ll have to put all those commands right after the background &pan command (also, no &slow command. It’s &pan to zone 3 in x and then you put however many seconds you need. That might be why you’re not seeing anything).


&pan to zone 3 in x (enter here amount of time you want)
@CHARACTER changes into OutfitName
&CHARACTER enters from right to screen center
&CHARACTER moves to layer 2

This might work. For further learning, I’d recommend some of @Dara.Amarie’s amazing tutorials on her website. They’re very easy to understand and I learned most of what I know from them!

AHHH this is exactly what I wanted!! Now I can keep this in mind.

And I’ll also keep in mind of her tutorials! I’m aware of her templates which are amazing and gonna try them out. Thank you so much! :black_heart: :pleading_face:

Also!!! If you want the narration to happen with the &pan, just put all the rest of the coding I gave you after the narration ends and when you want the character to appear, I forgot about that haha. No worries and good luck with your story! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you! I’m having another issue with the animation but I can google this further so I won’t bother you further with this, thank you so much!!

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