Cannot restore/save progress

i am having such a frustrating week since i first realised that when i enter the app and ALL my 3 years of saved progress are gone, though they are still saved in my fave list. gems and tickets are intact, but whenever i try to replay again, and exit and re-enter the app, i start from the beginning. it’s like the app is not processing my game. it keeps telling me to choose to play 2 of their featured stories which never happened before. i filed tickets to episode, but they keep replying with their official problem solving methods, that all don’t work. it’s like they left me to resolve on my own. i tried everything under the sun: restarting/using another device, reinstalling, logging in game launcher/google play, clearing cache/storage - nothing worked. so bummed. i paid for the game. and now have no choice but uninstall altogether. anybody got the same problem???

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