Cannot resume from a story node that is not found!

Can someone help me out, when I try to preview my story this comes up and will not let me preview.

refresh the page.

come out of it then refresh it then go back to your script then preview again

I did, thank you it worked this time, i did that a few times before but it kept saying the same thing.

keep doing it it will always say tht very often

thanks so much for your help… Your right, It does keep doing it, so i keep leaving it and going back to it.


You’re not the only one getting this, I know multiple people who are, including me… :sweat_smile: Hmm…:face_with_monocle:


I’m getting this problem too! i hope it stops soon!

Join the club :sob::sob::sob:

Solved and closed. Also currently having this issue with my Portal, hopefully it will be fixed sometime. :wink:

Also, please make sure to submit tickets regarding this issue so the team has more examples :slight_smile: