Can't Choose Story Style in Writer's Portal


When I’ve tried to create stories in the past, after entering the story title (either on the “Start New Story” button above the list of “My Stories” or on the three-column menu page), it will ask you if you want your story in Classic, Ink, or Limelight.

Today, when trying to start a new Ink story, it automatically creates a new Limelight story. The choice window doesn’t show up. I have tried multiple times and have closed and reopened my Google Chrome browser.

Has anyone else experienced such problems? Is there something I’m doing wrong? Thanks!


Hello @JadeStream, sorry to hear about your issue. Try submitting a help ticket to the support team, they’d more be than happy to help! :smiley:

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Do you know what the Support ID is, and where I might find it? Also, one of the required boxes is to specify the App Store/Platform. Since my bug is on the Writer’s Portal on the computer, do you know what I should select?


Support ID can be found in the app. :wink: Go to Settings in the roll-out menu on the left, then scroll down to Support. The ID should be at the bottom of that list. :smiley: As for the App Store/Platform box, I think it’s safe to put down the mobile device you use to play Episode. :smile:

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Ok. Thanks a lot.

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