Cant create filters

i’m not able to create new filters on the portal OR the app. whenever i choose one of the options (lets say hue, for example) and i move it between 100 to -100, nothing changes. the colors remain the same. is anyone else having this issue? how can i fix it?

Can you show me your script? Or have you pasted it into your script yet? Or trying to?

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There has been a glitch going on for some time, just make sure to have Opacity set to 100, because when you start previewing, it’s set to 0 which may cause the problem.
If that’s not the case, you need to tell us more about this problem.

Zrzut ekranu 2023-04-15 o 15.15.48 Zrzut ekranu 2023-04-15 o 15.16.01


oh my gosh i feel so stupid now. THANK U

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same I copied and paste the filter on to the script but now it is saying it ins’t valid???

did you paste it with <MenuItem | tag = -1> ?
If yes, then you need to switch it to: Normal, Add, Multiply, Overlay

for example:
@set hsl 0 0 100 no_colorize with blendMode Multiply to 100%