Can't decide on a good name

Hello everyone I am trying to figure out a good name for my MC but I CAN’T DECIDE!!! I like both better but one has to go. If you can help me choose plz do, and She’s half Italian half Romanian

  1. Violet Maria Lombardi
  2. Natalia Maria Lombardi

I think Violet is a good name :blush:

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Is Violet and/or Natalie a Italian/Romanian name?

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no but their Middle names are its like a mixture

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Maybe have their names be Italian/Romanian then? @Malannee?

But I like Natalie. 🤷

I love the name Natalia Maria Lombardi :grin:

I personally like the sound of Violet a bit more. :relaxed:


Natalia is a good name I think

Voilet is unique n cool…

Sorry, I’m kinda late! I actually don’t know much about Romanian, you’ll have to ask someone who is, but I’ve done a quick research and it appears that Violet is just a predominantly English name. In Romanian, variants of this name seem to be Violeta (one ‘t’), Viorela, Viorica, while in Italian it’s either Viola or Violetta (two 't’s). If it helps, Violet from The Incredibles is called Violetta in the Italian version. Natalia on the other hand is compatible with both Romanian and Italian.

Maria and Lombardi are Italian names, but. Second names really aren’t that popular in Italy anymore, especially if your character is young and from northern Italy, and I’ve personally seen way too many Lombardis in mafia stories already, so for that reason alone I’d change it :sweat_smile: It’s a nice sounding last name, but on Episode it became an easy association with mafia stories. But if you really like the name, you can keep it of course.

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