Can't Decide On MC's Gender

Hello! I’m currently working on a story idea I have, and I cannot decide if I want the MC to be male or female. The genre is a thriller, and the description is as follows: As a third-year student at Blackwell University, crime begins to increase on campus–and all the victims are those who have wronged you. You’re certainly not doing it… So who is?

If you could help me choose, that’d be awesome!

  • Male MC
  • Female MC

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NOTE: There are no love interests in this story.

There are nearly no stories with male mcs – especially for non-romantic stories. So, I definitely vote male. lol

Also, your story sounds interesting :slight_smile:


Thank you!

And yeah, it’s a bit sad how few male mc stories there are.



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I agree with Cole. Most stories have female MCs, so it would be cool to see more male protagonists.


Are you unsure because you don’t want to go through the hassle of coding different branches depending on MC’s gender? Do you value “fame” (aka more readers) more than you do doing something different?
Think about these things. If you’re more interested in getting more recognition, then you’re probably better off with a female MC. If you don’t mind slightly deviating from the norm, but don’t want to code differente branches, then it’s whatever, but having a male MC is always nice. Now if it’s not too much of a bother, you could simply let the reader decide MC’s gender lol


Thank you for this comment! This is very helpful in deciding. (:


I’m glad I could be of help! :blush:

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Since seeing a male character as the MC/protagonist is rare, I’d suggest male main character.

(My [unpublished] story’s protagonist is male, by the way. And there’s a female deuteragonist)


Male MC. :star_struck:
Too many female MCs. :yawning_face:


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