Can't decide which Cover I should upload for my upcoming Story!

It’s already In the title, so I can’t decide which Cover I should upload for my upcoming Story. That’s why I need your Help and your Opinion.

Cover - 1

Nothing to see here.

Cover - 2

Nothing to see here.

  • Cover - 1
  • Cover - 2

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Please Vote and/or comment your Opinion down below.

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Both the covers look great but for a more detailed opinion, I’d say the first one. There’s obviously a dark theme going on in the cover and the text color in the second cover is lighter, and doesn’t feel like it goes well with the rest of the cover. Also, the author name written on the second one is barely visible due to the color and the font isn’t very likeable, whereas the first one’s font and text color fit well with the theme.

I hope this helps! And your cover art’s really pretty! :blush:


Thank you much for your comment. I appreciate It!

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love art

I decided to go for the First Cover.
Thanks to all who voted, and to @/Melish.episode for the nice feedback!

@Sydney_H, Feel free to close this Thread!

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: