Can't decide. Would you read either of these? UPDATED

I updated it because I don’t think I explained enough
I have 2 ideas that wont leave my head for a romance story but I don’t know if people would read one of them if any at all or feel free to add criticism. I haven’t put any work in so my feelings aren’t hurt if you say no.
I hate when I get ideas like this wont leave my head after watching tv or a movie :joy:

The MC is a no-bullshit but caring nurse who’s married to her job and doesn’t even consider dating

But I cant decide if I want the Love Interest to be a rockstar who gets treated by the MC after a really bad fall and cant believe she doesn’t swoon over him like the other girls do, and he starts to realize that hes tired of girls who just want something from him whether is fame or money, he wants the MC who sees him as just a regular person
the love interest is a decorated cop who just gets transferred, and ends up seeing the MC a lot due to his line of work, and feels drawn to her personality and her passion for her job, while his own relationship falls apart.

Plot points:
The Cop: hes already in a relationship but its falling apart, the MC isn’t a fan of cops, shes married to her job, she cant help but start to like him but shes scared to fall in love because she sees enough heartache and blood and his career is very dangerous

The Rockstar: Hes the typical rockstar, whos constantly in spotlight, getting laid, and cocky, he gets treated by the MC who has no idea who he is and they hit it off, she hates the spotlight, is very private, doesnt want to deal with it all. The rockstar starts to realize theres more to life than getting laid and fame when someone genuinely cares about him and his health.

Note: I know the rockstar who is a player is a cliche, but I want to do it in a way that has him look like an ass whenever he hits on the MC and she turns him down.

  • The rockstar
  • The Cop
  • Neither

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  • both

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Why not both?

If you’re up for the coding, there could be 2 love interests, and character points would decide who the MC potentially ends up with.


Tricky decision :joy::joy: I can see pros to both ha ha ha

Rockstar: it’s sweet that he sees that she like him for him and not the rockstar he is…

Cop: who doesn’t like a man in uniform :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also depending on where the storyline is going and what you are planning they could both have their cons to the relationship in a good way (storyline wise)

Over all I like the cop idea

I think you could have both be a love interest. The reason why I picked the cop over the rock star was mainly due to how he can’t believe that the MC isn’t swooning over him. It kind of makes him sound like a playboy tbh.


I can see your point but you could look at it like this, girls only seem to like him for his fame and all he ever wanted is someone to love him for him not for what he does

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exactly, I want him to be the cliche playboy rockstar as like a parody, but make him look like an ass because the MC isnt having any of it and he starts realizing he doesnt want that lifestyle anymore he wants someone who likes him for him


I cant believe I forgot to put both as an option :joy:

I feel like both gives the reader more choice.

I agree with Phoenix. The rockstar seems like a playboy. Some people like a playbod/bad boy LI. Others don’t.

Similarly, some like the good guy.

And for some, ending up with no one is also an option.

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I was thinking about cons too, to keep the story moving

The MC isnt a huge fan of cops because of her past (nothing crazy) but when she starts giving the LI a chance she realizes she sees enough blood and heartache and is always afraid something could happen to him on the job.

Shes very reserved, not a fan of players like he is, not to mention they live very different lives.


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