Can't do preview for my story


I save then click preview and it’s not working it well load one time but not let me click through to see it play out so I close out of it go back in try again and it well not even load at all I keep exiting out but that’s not working.


It’s happening to me too atm


Mine seams to be ok know hope yours is working good know :slight_smile:


Yeah, only took about 4 hours lol


Yeah well I though mine was fixed but know it’s doing it again. Oh well I’ll just keep going out and back in I need to get this Episode out.


You can refresh the page or you can use a new browser to enter the portal.


Nothing works I have done everything I gave up in the end


Me too but I find previewing my story on my phone on the episode app better because that happens on my laptop. So try previewing on the episode app on a mobile!
Hope that helps :slight_smile:


It happens a lot know and I just exit out then go back in. I wish they would fix it.


Try use your phone and test it there <3