Can't edit Characters/Outfits

update: it was because episode’s servers were down, and many people were having the same issue. it fixed now and it’s servers are back up :slight_smile:

Whenever I’m on my story and I click either “Characters” or “Outfits”, it brings me to this page

I can write on my story, it works fine, but i can’t do anything w/ characters or outfits.
Is this happening to anyone else?

(yes i refreshed it lol multiple times)
i also tried signing in and out it didn’t work either

Have you tried clearing your cache/cookies?

This is happening to me too. I even tried restarting my laptop, and it didn’t work. Is something wrong with the servers?

yeah, i think so. someone else just posted about this too

This has been happening to me too! Does anyone know how to fix it- I’ve tried so many different things that didn’t work!

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it’s servers are probably down. we’re going to have to wait until they fix it

Oh, okay, Thank you!

it should be fixed now! it fixed for me and someone else, i think it’s servers are back up @The_Creator_05 @kahotshot

Oh thank you so much! I can’t wait to get back to writing- thx for all your help.

this has happened to me too but instead of sending me to that page nothing shows up. I’m really upset about this and hopefully they fix this soon because i want to start writing when i can actually SEE my work

@Summer_Writes, the same thing is happening with me and its really frustrating

it won’t load my classic characters so i can edit how they look and its really frustrating :rage: