Can't Edit Characters!

I just started a new story and was about to edit my first character, but all that appeared was a blank white screen! Then I tried reloading the page and the screen was still blank. After reloading it three times nothing was there. This really frustrated me and I wondered if anyone else was having this problem too.

I really just want this fixed.

(I was using Lime Light btw)

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Im having an issue alike I started a new book im guessing before the spotlight update and I just came back recently to edit it while I was editing yesterday my characters weren’t on the screen and im using limelight so I use the script template to see whats going on it CHOSE to put MY characters in spotlight instead of me putting them in full display when I came back it didn’t ask me at all and I restarted my characters before I even started writing now im trying to see how to chNGE It because I really don’t want to make the book all over again specifically my characters

That sounds terrible. I really hope you don’t have to do your story all over again. I was using the full body mode. I wonder if this is happening with other styles!?

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I tested this in the ink style and the same thing happened as my problem with lime light!

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