Can't Figure Out Fancy Zooms

This kind of zooming is really hard to explain, so I’ll try my best. Regular zooming for episode is like, so…direct. I mean, so perfect, everytime we zoom in it’s so solid and boring. The kind of zooms I’m looking for are like the zooms in trapped and corrupt me. I’ve looked everywhere trying to find something to help me. Youtube, Forums, Guidelines, you name it. If you know what I mean, please help me…I’m desperate. I’ll give you credit in my story!

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Hm. The easein and easeout functions could be what you are looking for. I never read those stories so, I can’t be for sure.

Here is a link all about this method.

Thank you so much! I will definetely tell you if this is what I’m looking for!!!

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It’s exactly what I’m looking for!!! Thank you SOOOOOOO much!