Can't find a specific zooming technique!

Ok, so I’m back at it again with a new question, lol.

I know that you can zoom in and out in Episode. However, I have seen that the zooms in some stories are faster in the beginning, and slower at the end. Or vice versa. And I know that they don’t change the seconds or whatever because I have seen that there is a command for that specific zoom because I saw it somewhere on Instagram, and forgot to screenshot it. Soooo does anyone know the command for faster/slower zooming in the beginning and slower/faster at the end?? :wink:

its for example

zoom 5.6,689 at 0 (0 is how fast it is so for example if you do 3.5 its slowish but not that slow)

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You need to zoom twice. Fast zoom to the first place then slow it down to the next one.
Here’s the example.#:

@zoom on 102 294 to 139% in 1 THEN zoom on 173 274 to 277% in 7

so the first zoom lasts 1 second and second one 7 seconds. Adjust the time to your preferences :slight_smile:


Oh, okay! Than you so much!! :slight_smile:

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