Cant find a story. help please

So I have been reading this story it was saved to my favourites. and now it’s gone. maybe the author removed it because of the new rules or it was deleted.

I am pretty sure it was called the dark prince.
its about a prince whos grandpa was evil. his dad and mom defeated him. but after his dad left his mom died. and now the prince is evil too. but not like real evil.

also there is a girl he falls in love with. she is a thief and I mean here names aria or something like that.


I know the story. The author deleted it and has rewritten another one called the fallen prince.

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Okay. that suck its really good.

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I cant find the fallen prince on the app

My bad, it’s called fallen prince. There’s no ‘the’ in the title.
Here’s how it looks so it’ll be easier to find:


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thank you. I found it

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Closed: Glad to see you found the story, @line123462. :v: