Can't find a story I was reading

Hey all.
Really hope someone can help me. I started reading a story with customised main characters but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was as I changed from IOS to android and its not in my profile.
I know it was ink style about a girl who broke up with her boyfriend in school, think his name was Stefan iirc. She met another guy and started seeing him but he was customised as well. All I can recall is a photo of them got sent to her ex.
There were a couple of side characters called Dawson and Curleeh and I think I stopped reading at the point where Dawson got into trouble.
If anyone can help I’d really appreciate it as I’d like to finish it.
Thank you

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Is it rebounding with bad or the new girl (those are only ones I could think of)

omg yes thank you. it was rebounding with bad. Just looked it up and recognised the cover instantly. thank you so much again

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Happy I could help!

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