Cant find a story please help me im begging you

Okay so I was just reading the first chapter of a story that I forgot to put in my favourites and I can’t seem to remember the name, please help me…

I know that its about a girl whose last name is Montgomery ,shes a head nurse and her mother, brother and boyfriend (soon to be ex im assuming so far) also work at the hospital. So far what happened is that she was at work and now shes at her fathers birthday/ her 4th anniversary where her boyfriend proposed in front of her whole family but she said no and thats where I left😔 Also side plot about the guy who has 2 roommates and one of them hurt their back so they went to the hospital Montgomery works at but they didn’t meet yet. If someone can tell me their guesses as to what im talking about it would be super helpful🥺

Ps I’m pretty sure that the cover has a sunflower on it…

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Maybe @Annieways can help?

Sorry, I don’t know this story :pensive:

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:woman_shrugging: worth a try

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Hey there! I’m pretty sure this story is called “Sunflower” by Janine Dela Cruz.


OH MY GOD! That’s it, thank you so much☺️

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No problem! I’m glad I could help :grin:.

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I need help too! I can’t seem to find the story I was reading, I was reading it and then it just exited me out the story and then disappeared, I can’t remember the name of it if my life the depended on it, The story is about a girl and two boys one is a delinquent and the other is a goody two shoes, You could’ve chose if you could be a bad girl or good girl. I need help finding it. I didn’t get very far in the chapters they’re were only 6 chapters i think, I need help so bad. HELP ME PLEASE!!!

Her Innocence by Arrows

Hey i need help looking for a story, it’s about a girl who moved from england to NYC with her friend i think and meets a boy there who is a fighter and they at the end have a argument or something so she moves back to england together with another guy and they start teaching selfdefense classes and become best friends then she becomes also a fighter and they (the first guy and the girl) see eachother again and they get together again.

Hey, Im new here. I need help finding an episode story that i was reading.
It is about a lady named Shay who had a son with her high school boyfriend. Her sons name is Axel. Axel is still small maybe like 6 or 7. the high school boyfriend was with her but they are now divorced or separated (i cant remember which one). he is now dating a younger girl who he married and has a baby with. the baby’s name is Gertrude.
Shay is a fashion designer but is working as an interior designer for a man whose name is Warrick or Warwick (also cant remember). he is really wealthy and pays for her to visit his mansions to do the designing.

Please let me know if you know the title or author of this story! Thank you so much. :smile:

Love or Lust by Kirsty i think :smile:

hey i need help finding a story, i’m pretty sure it’s new but i don’t know. it’s basically where you go on an island and meet and spend time with these boys and you marry one of them, pretty similar to love island but i really can’t find it, please help.

I’m pretty sure this is a featured story you got for beta reading called “Honeymoon Ever After”

Hey I need help finding a story. It was about a girl running away from her ex-boyfriend because he was possessive, obsessive and I think an abuser. I think she had a child with her.

Hi! I have the same problem. I’m looking for the story tha has a character name cameron prince of ordovia, arden from america, lenox cameron’s friend and elina camerons ex. I accidentally removed it my faves and now i can’t find it in the romance section, please anyone can help me find it? I badly wanted to know the ending. Thank you!

Can someone help me pls, so basically I’ve been reading this book called “trapped between” or “ in between” something like that, the premise of the story is that a man who was a tyrant dies and ends up almost going to hell, but he had a sort of redemption, his task was to make his wife fall in love with him again as a woman. Basically, was the story banned? Did the author get banned? That’ll suck coz it’s the only reason why I still play episode :confused:

I think it’s called The Prince and the Bodyguard, formerly Prince’s Lips. It’s by Margo Vincent.

This story was removed from the app cause it violated the guidelines

It was about a girl named Eleanor that meets a rich man if I’m not mistaken his name is Hunter in a bar (that she works at as a barista) and she spills some drink on him by mistake but he likes her and then takes her on yacht on so on.
I remember once he takes her on a date and asks her to take her heels off if she’s uncomfortable…
I even have a screenshot but I was sadly unable to upload it here… :frowning:
Can anyone tell me please?!?!!