Can't Find A Story



There was a story I began reading, it involved a bit of CC and was set in an English-Victorian era, the MC was female and was arranged to marry someone, her family was a noble house in financial decline. It was a community story. I lost it because the app force closed and I’ve been looking for it ever since.

If anyone knows the title, or even if this story is still up there I’d appreciate any ideas.


No one has any suggestions?


I haven’t read the story so I could be completely off but “A Loveless Marriage” ?


Now that I’m thinking more one it, I believe the title had something to do with a Nightengale. I think it was in INK style, possibly Limelight when it was newer, however, I’d say INK only because I haven’t seen the outfits for the story in Limelight at all. The MC seemed against the marriage, but her mother was pushing for it. There was also the option to customize your MC.

No, it was not ‘A Loveless Marriage’ thank you though. It was maybe five minutes of play time, and I know there’s not a lot of detail I remember currently but if anyone has seen it before I’d be grateful for info.



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