Can't Find Certain Animations



Does anyone know that animation for female character (INK STYLE) where she’s shocked about something ? Not idle_terrified, not surprised_startled, not talk_startled but I see it in a couple of stories where if one character explains something and she’s shocked where she covers her mouth and she gasped? Or something similar to it but that one. Does anyone know what animation that is? I can’t seem to find it.

ALSO there’s one for the male character too where he’s shocked and it looks similar to the neutral_deny animation. I can’t find that one either.


There is the hidden animation shocked for both males and females that will work in your story. That may be it.


Ah that’s probably it. Is there a way to view it?


You can only preview it by adding it to your script.


Ah ok. Oh and it worked! Thanks !


Glad you found your mystery animation @Naisu25! For future reference scripting questions can be posted in the Directing Help & Tips section! Cheers to those who responded :v:t2: