Can't find my episode story😔

Hey!!! :two_hearts:
So I was reading a story but now I can’t find it and the worst part is that I don’t know the story’s name nor the author’s. So I was wondering if anyone could help me find the story. I mention some information about the story.

The story is a mafia based story. I don’t remember the male mc’s name but the girl’s name was ariana and she was a red headed, at first the author didn’t allow to change her skin colour but now it’s done I think… also the male mc had a brother, his name was Liam.

The story is about Ariana who was held captive by her uncle who also raped for five years then she met the male mc and he took her captive as well they slowly fell in love but then it was revealed that ariana was responsible for the male mc’s sister’s death.
Can anyone help me find this story? Would mean a lot…

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Do you remember if it was in Limelight or ink?

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It was limelight

I think I have a few options
@Evelyn2802 @Marysol.Episode

  1. Gangs guns and love
  2. Passion struck
  3. Don’t mess with this
    Hope this helps