Can't find my old story on the portal

I have been inactive on the writer portal for over a year and just logged back in today, and my incomplete stories are there. However, my one published story (called “Erysthius: The Time Lapse”), i can’t find it anywhere under the “my stories” section of the portal.

It had a lot of coding. I am upset that it just seems to have vanished. Please help me get it back :frowning: so maybe i can access and update that story in the future.

Did you try looking under settings on the portal and then clicking stories? It’s possible you archived it so it didn’t appear on your portal. Just click your character’s avatar in the top right then click settings


Check account settings > story setting and scroll to see if the system archived it.

If not there, put in a support ticket and have them look into possible causes on their end. Good luck!

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