Can't find my overlay in preview when i am trying to use overlay helper (Solved)


I am trying to get my own overlays in my story, but when i try to use overlay helper in preview i can’t find it, how do i find it without having to drag around intill i find it?

What I do is zoom all the way out with the Zoom Helper and that way I can see the whole background and find it.

i tried doing that now but could not see it.

What background are you using?

  1. Can I see your code please?
  2. Try resetting your story because it should be there when you zoom all the way out.

Woah, yea… That’s big loll
Scale it down. Try starting at 0.500 0.500

Try to also add the opacity

@overlay FIREBALL opacity 1 in 0

now i can see it after a put that in :slight_smile: what does that commend do?

Opacity means how clear an image is

0 = invisible and 1 = fully visible
Anything in between will make it a bit transperent

okay, thanks for the help :slightly_smiling_face:


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