Can't find my story on the app previewer (?)

I’ve 100% given up hope on using advanced directing because I’m using my phone for everything but I saw somewhere on the internet that you can use the app for all the advanced stuff. So I checked my stories on the create category but nothing’s there?? I’ve checked multiple times on the email I’ve been using and it’s the same as the one on the app. Does the story have to be published?? or something??

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Wait- I’m sorry I read that wrong,

what did you see on the internet exactly, because you can’t “code” on the phone, or what do you mean

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Your story needs to have at least 3 episodes with at least 400 lines in each episode with no errors for it to show up in the Create section in the app. What I do is just copy and paste CC templates in each episode, save and make sure there’s no errors, then check the app again and the story shows up there. Then you can just go back and delete everything in those episodes.


I meant spot directing and all those other stuff. english isn’t my first language so I apologise if I suck at explaining things :sob:

Take a look at Joseph Evan’s tutorials on YouTube. He has one about spot directing.
(Do note that phones are very limited for what you can create with them.)

I watched all of his tutorials a while back, the only thing is that I can’t spot direct on mobile

Do I have to publish it for it to show up?

No, it’ll show up when you save your work.

As mentioned in my previous comment, phones are pretty limited on what they can do. :sweat_smile:

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