Can't find original episode warning background in black

Hey Guys,

I have noticed on most stories I read that there is an original episode warning background in black that says warning this story contains mature themes and strong language. I tried looking it up in backgrounds but only white plain ones show up and say something different. Where did people find the original episode one in black?

Thanks in advance xx

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Hm, I guess they removed it? I’m unsure. I couldn’t find it either.

Another option is create one…

I’m not too handy with creating backgrounds :upside_down_face: and I just like the normal original one rather than the ones people have created!

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Hm me check one more time just to be sure.

Yep, I can’t find it. I suppose they removed it… I’m sorry! Hm I could create a splash for you?

I would love that if you could? And of course Ill credit you

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Mhm, np.

Do you want a particular background? Specific font?

Do you know what the original one looks like? Just something pretty plain on a black background. My story is about vamps as well hence why I want something dark

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Mhm, I remember. I’ll start on it rn!

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You are truly amazing, thank you :two_hearts:

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They actually changed it! So it’s no longer in the portal

Why would they change it? It was good and the ones they have now are super random :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I’m not sure. I think I remember reading a thread that one of the mods made but I don’t remember what it was called

I’ve pm you the splash!