Can't find original stories

Recently I read “My Sister’s Crush” story that Episode has released a couple of days ago. I really liked it. I wanted to read an original autors story( the authors of these short 8 chapter episode stories dont actually white them, they are just based on their original story, so is “My Sister’s Crush”), though I couldn’t find it in the search, the categories section or user stories. And now that the profile feature isnt available, I cant find it. Has anyone else encountered that or is it just my episode app?

First and foremost welcome to forums! :heart: And second it’s definitely still there since I’m currently reading it, but here’s the link for it :grin:

Thank you, but the link dosent work for me(

You must have an android device. In the newest update, Episode has removed link sharing and user profiles. But, if you search up the title word for word in your app, you should be able to find it. (Yes you have to add the apostrophe in sister’s and the (LL) at the end.)