Can't find story?

Ok so I’ve had my account for a few years now, and I usually never had trouble finding stories. There’s this story called Rivals that I want to read but for some reason I can’t search it up? It’s not like other people’s problem where they can’t search up user stories in general because I have a lot of user stories in my library but I can’t find this particular story and when i click on the link to read it it doesn’t take me there


what happens when you try searching it up?

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The one by Alex Light? If so, I believe she asked episode to take it down because she was publishing it as a novel


I don’t think so, I know the two main characters are called seth and quinn and the author’s name is monica?

other stories come up like I think one of them was calling falling for my rival and another one was called gang rival but not the one i was looking for

Maybe go to her Instagram and then go to her linktree if she has one?

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That’s the linktree. ^

I actually went to her carrd already! i clicked on the link and it led me to episode but I waited at least 5 minutes and nothing popped up

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you just need to keep scrolling

Hmmmm. Can you go to her profile?

when i searched it up there were only about 10 results

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no, do you know the name of her profile that would help a lot hfjsjs

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Why don’t you try searching up her username on the app instead?

try clicking “see more” because i was able to find it that way

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No, I don’t know. :frowning:

Maybe it’s Monica or rivalsofficial (like her IG.)

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do u know her username?? that would help tons

ok I’ll try that rn

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It’s what the person above your reply said :slight_smile:

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It’s still on the app, look in the mystery genre it’s on the first 20 I believe