Can't find the app on the app store?!

Hey Everyone!

So, I noticed yesterday that I can’t find the app on Google Play Store, and I don’t know what’s going on. I tried to find it both from my tablet and phone, but nothing.

Look at this!

Is this happenong to anybody else?
Please, can you help me?
It will be very appreciated.
Thank you, Vicky.


it’s fine on my app store, you could search “episode-choose your story” on google, it gives you a link to the App on the Play Store so when you click on it you’ll be directed to the app.


Yep, same here.

It was in the store yesterday, telling me my device (Kindle Fire 10) is no longer compatible with the most recent update for Android. I have no idea if I can change my OS.

It was gone from the store this morning. Apparently this is only on the app version of Google Play. I checked the actual website and it’s still there.


I did, but it sais that my advise doesn’t work with the app anymore.


which phone/tablet/ ipad do you have?

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you can download games outside google play for example Techbigs