Can't find the story I read :(

Hi, I read a story about a girl moved to the city (NY perhaps?) and has 2 besties (1 guy 1 girl). Then one day she got a text from someone asking her to come back and meet up. She thought it was her ex, (if I am not wrong, her ex was kinda crazy/ stalkerish about her) but she decided to go back after all, and her friends tagged along. So when she reached the hometown she ran into her ex’s sister and the sister was like “you shouldn’t be here”. Later she found out that her ex actually died drowning, so it wasn’t her ex who texted her, but another guy who was once a close friend texted her. Also she remembered her ex could actually swim, so she believed he was not drowned but murdered. Basically this story is about trusting the right person to find out what happen to her ex… Anyone know what story im talking about? This mystery story seems promising and idw to miss it :(( Thanks

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Sounds like Blood Water Blue, I think :thinking:


YES it is!! thank you so much :smiley:

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Sounds interesting!! I’ll give it a read!

Yes, I have always love mystery and I like her characters too. There are only 3 chapters so far, hopefully the author will continue / give us the ending soon :slight_smile:

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