Can't Find the Worried Animation Sometimes Used in Episode Stories


Hey guys. Does anyone know the name of the animation used on female ink characters when they’re caught off guard or surprised? I know I’ve seen it used a lot on Bella in Tangled Love but I can’t find it anywhere, so part of me thinks it’s a hidden animation? It makes the female character look from side to side as she raises her hands toward her mouth/face area. It kind of gives off an embarrassed/concerned/fearful kind of vibe. I know this description probably isn’t the best, but I know I’m not just imagining this because I’ve seen it so many times. :persevere:

P.S. Oh and it’s not the hidden shocked animation btw

Update: Here’s what it looks like

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It sounds like you’re talking about the “awkward” animation.



Thanks Dara. Unfortunately, it’s not a talking animation. :frowning: but I appreciate the fact you’re trying to help! If I see it again in a future episode of Tangled Love (and I probably will) I’ll definitely screenshot it and add it to this post


I think the one you’re talking about is “mortified”?


I’m pretty sure it’s a hidden animation. ‘shocked’ It’s not on the list, but it works.


Oh wait no lol.


No but mortified is probably the closest one to it. In the one I’m looking for, both of the character’s hands are raised instead of just one. I think I might replay Tangled Love to try to find it and upload a picture of it. Thank you though!


It’s shocked then. Lol.


Is it ‘Dismayed’ ?




Sorry but it’s not :frowning: in the one i’m looking for the character doesn’t lean back like they do in shocked


Oh, okay.


^^ It must be dismayed then.


no I wish but omg dismayed is close to it too!! The eyes are wider and actually look around and the arms are lower. I’d say not going past the mouth. I checked every animation in the portal before posting the question so I think it might just be hidden. Thank you though


Do you remember what episode of Tangled Love you saw it in? And do you remember the scene?


Oh my gosh I’m in luck! It got used in the very first chapter. Here’s what it looks like


Oh man, I’ve never seen that one before… must be hidden


Yea that’s a hidden animation.


Ah okay. Any chance it’ll be open to the public or revealed anytime soon? It’s hands down one of my favorites


I think I have it