Can't Get Character On Top Of Overlay

Basically I’m trying to get DILLAN in front of the COFFEE SHOP COUNTER overlay. He’s on a higher layer than the ovlerlay, but he ends up behind the overlay. Can someone help?

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try this :grin:: @overlay COFFEE SHOP COUNTER shifts to layer 2
or this: @DILLAN spot 1.213 383 84 in zone 3 and DILLAN moves to layer 4

@DILLAN spot 1.213 383 84 in zone 3 at layer 4

Hmm, I tried this, and it didn’t seem to work… Am I doing something else wrong?

He still ended up behind the overlay… am I doing something else wrong?

That background has a counter overlay already built into the background. So you would need to use the background name as the overlay name and layer that.

INT. CAFE2. - DAY with INT. CAFE2. - DAY at layer 2

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Thank you!

Closed: Marked as solved by op @Chlewey :v: