Can't get character to stay in the layer I put them in


&SPENCER faces right

&SUMMER stands screen left in zone 2 AND SUMMER moves to layer -1

&zoom on 291 0 to 198% in 0 AND SPENCER spot 1.190 176 -132 AND SPENCER moves to layer 1 AND SPENCER is hug

&TYLER spot 0.713 222 48 AND TYLER moves to layer 2 AND TYLER faces right AND TYLER is hug_rear

@transition fade in white 2

@SUMMER enters from right to screen right AND SUMMER moves to layer -1 AND SUMMER faces left

    SUMMER (talk_awkward)
Oh, I didn't know you where here.

    SPENCER (talk_greet)
Haven't been here long.

&TYLER faces right AND TYLER is yawn_bored

I need Summer to stay behind Spencer and Tyler but after she enters the room she pops in front of them.

Maybe Try the layering and their action separate? for example

@SUMMER moves to layer 2
@SUMMER enters from right to screen right and SUMMER faces left

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I tried that first and it didn’t work so then I tried this way and still didn’t work. :frowning:

strange :confused: what is it that actually happens do they move layers?

Yes I put her in a layer that would be behind Spencer and Tyler and when she walks into the room she is in the layer I need her in but when she stops working she moves in front of them and I don’t want her to.

I’ve just tried it in my portal and she doesn’t move :confused:
I wonder if its a glitch

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Try spot directing instead of default positions

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Okay thank you ill try that.

That worked thank-you

I have a similar problem, i need to put one person behind a overlay and someone in front, but it’s either that they’re both on top of it or behind it.

@LEXI moves to layer 4
&BARTENDER moves to layer 1
&NATALIE moves to layer 3
&overlay BAR TABLE to layer 2

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