Can't get into the app, please help!

Since after the updated I can’t even open the app. I have tried to delete the app and reinstall it but it still doesn’t work. It loading a few seconds then it just turned off by itself, do anyone have this problem or is it just me? :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:

Hey there @Kuen, I’d recommend you submit a help ticket to the support team and let them know about this issue. :smiley:

I’ve got the same problem ! but it seems to be with my account! I tried erverything ( uninstall reinstall, shut my phone then open it back) I even tryd to reset my phone and as soon as I put my account in it crashed !!

I have contact episode, they said I need to change a new account because of corruption occurred on my account :worried:

God i dont want to loose my account! I’ve read alot of stories in there 30+chapters and bought gems and passes recently :pensive:

My app just stopped