Can't get the music to stop/start right

Does anyone know why my music is cutting out on line 341 and nt coming back until later?

If it is the same scene, change it to music instead also, instead of putting pause for a beat three times, maybe put pause for 3 ? It will be a lot easier for you and won’t take up too much lines!

I hope changing it to music helps and like leave it at the start of the scene as it will run throughout!

The word ‘sound’ makes the music play just once. But when you switch it to ‘music’ it will play on loop until you put ‘music off’ or change to another music. So it should look like this:

music music_rock_lp

To have the sound keep looping, use the music command by saying:

music music_rock_lp

I also noticed you kept using “@pause for a beat” over and over again. You’re able to say how many seconds you want to pause for by saying:

@pause for 2 (or whatever time you want)

@Mythical @Zondiewriter @Martini_98

This is all great, thank you everyone!


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