Can't Incorporate Gem Choices

Yesterday, I started writing the first episode of my new story. I wanted to add a gem choice into my episode, but it will not let me. I used my phone to see the mobile creation, and the choice didn’t show up as a gem choice.

In order to use gem you would have to label the choice, it won’t appear on the app but if your writing on the desktop it will appear.

For Ex:
CHAR (animation)
Choice (shopping) Name the choice whatever you want.
“Mall” {
} "Put where you’re going and the part that goes with it.
Then continue on with your story.

I better understanding for you:

I hope this helps!

I don’t think the code is supposed to be like that because you didn’t add to the choice that you wanted to be a gem choice. But thanks though.

Yes I did and you’re welcome! :two_hearts:
The barracks around GEMS means it’s a gem choice. Trust me it works!

Okay. The code didn’t work for me. This is what I have:

choice (African_Princess)
“African Princess”{
RAIN (talk_shrug)
Wearing this dress shows that I’m embracing my ancestry.

@RAIN walks to spot 0.894 400 90 in 3

@pause for a beat

@RAIN changes into CHARACTER1_default

@RAIN walks to spot 0.894 400 90 in 3

}“Calm Blue Dress”{
RAIN (talk_handsonhips)
I think I’m gonna go with this one tonight.
RAIN (talk_preen)
This dress is really calming to me.

@RAIN walks to spot 0.993 400 134 in 3

@pause for a beat

@RAIN changes into CHARACTER2_default

@RAIN walks to spot 0.993 400 134 in 3
}“Belle Inspired Dress”{
RAIN (talk_think)
This dress will look good on me. It really matches my skin tone.

@RAIN walks to spot 0.993 400 134 in 3

@pause for a beat

@RAIN changes into CHARACTER3_default

@RAIN walks to spot 0.993 400 134 in 3

you forgot to add < GEMS > (but without any space between the word GEMS and > or <)
< GEMS >“African Princess”


@Briana_M yes you did it right. Just follow what @nemimutt said💕 but don’t forget to capitalize GEMS

Okay thank you. I got it!

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Glad I could help

Does gem choices give the story maker gems?


@brvnda is correct. You do NOT get gems for including gem choices in your story.
You need to get 100k gem chapter reads (it counts as long as someone reads your chapter. They don’t need to pay for a choice) in 60 days to qualify for the payment program.

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