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I’d appreciate if y’all could check my story out. Feedback would be appreciated too. Expect an update every week. (Subject to change :melting_face:)

Edit: Forgot to credit the people that proofread my first 3 episodes, so thanks to @Sunset_Shimmer, @hanna_epi :sob: also thanks to @MyEpisodees, @sydnepisode for putting up with my gazillion questions about my story lol, and thanks to @FoxyLolz for putting up with my weirdness. Another thanks to @armani.writes for the nice conversations! :relaxed:

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Title: Can’t Let Go

Author: Bellae

Genre: Drama/Romance

Summary: You’re stuck in an unhealthy relationship, and it’s hard for you to let go. Will you gain the courage to stand your ground? Or continue to let their words control you?

General plot

Diana Lacroix is an emotionally struggling adult who tries to find her place in society. Despite her past traumatic experiences, Diana finds herself in a promising relationship that quickly goes sour. She has a hard time finding a way out because of her insecurities and self-doubt. She eventually crosses paths with an upcoming Latin artist who shares similar struggles with Diana. Their deep emotional connection creates a new sense of hope for Diana.

This story WILL NOT contain any forms of physical/sexual/verbal abuse. However, this story has topics about gaslighting, manipulation, and controlling behaviors. I do NOT romanticize toxic relationships in this story. (for obvious reasons.)

Now, buckle up and enjoy a slow burn story that teaches the importance of self-love and how a healthy relationship should function.

Enjoy. :blush:

Current Episodes: 6 so far!

What to expect:

  • Hispanic M/F LI
  • Full CC for MC and LI
  • Advanced directing
  • Point system
  • Art scenes


Covers done by @everlycreates

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wow looks interesting. The covers :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


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Hey I read your story it’s awesome. The directing is good and the characters are relatable! :heart: Keep up the good work.


stoPPP omg thanks a bunch! :sob:

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Let me know if you’re interested in a r4r. :heart:

Title: Some Kind Of Bliss
Author: Sinead O’Neill

Story Description

Rosa’s tired of her bad luck, especially when it comes to love. Will her luck fail as usual, when she falls for Seven Wilson - a sizzling hot, but impossible to get co-worker?

Some Kind Of Bliss link


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DM me if you want to do a R4R, don’t post it here please. Ty :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Episode 4 OUT NOW!! :relieved: Clicky here to read


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Thank y’all for reading! Here’s a sneak peek of episode 5. Which should be released in a few days. :blob_hearts:


Yess! Congrats waiting for ep 5

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Thanks fran :relaxed:

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Wooo new episode out!!! Clicky here to read

I added some changes in ep 1-3 cause no one told me my directing was suckish :face_exhaling: thanking @sydnepisode for the support. I love them :sob:


look yu go babes ! congrats ! and i love our convos too ! :pleading_face:

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Sneak peek of episode 6. :eyes: :eyes:

This one’s on the sadder side. (oops) :sweat_smile:


Episode 6 is out woo! This episode is close to my heart and I hope someone out there relates to this one as much as I do. I would appreciate if y’all could give it a read. :blob_hearts:



Oooh I’m so excited to read this one! :pleading_face: I know it’s gonna be fantastic :blob_hearts: :yay:

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