Can't Load Profile on App


This happened recently when I opened the app, and please help me with this problem. What’s going on?


Do you have data or Wi-Fi!


Looks as though it is an internet connection issue. Try again using wifi and/or mobile data. If that still doesn’t work try using a different network.


I have WiFi at home, Maybe I could try with mobile data. If not, I’ll do both.


I’m sorry itwon’t work


@KRPHDrama any luck? If not, feel free to submit a ticket to our support team who will happily help you with this :slight_smile: Sorry for any inconvenience.


I already submitted a ticket, but the good news is, after I tried connecting through my mother’s WiFi tether, Episode did load well. I’m afraid it’s the shoddy DSL we’re using at home’s the part of the reason why I couldn’t connect smoothly, whether I see this message or the Timed Out screen.


It’s OK.