Can't load the game

So…I recently reinstalled the game after giving up on it awhile ago. I start up the game for the first time and it loads not displaying the episode pictures and since Episode has this new system where if you’re new you’ll have play one chapter to unlock other episodes, I chose the k*ss list to start. The game was loading perfectly until it decided to pull a 99.99% loading screen. I restarted the game with high hopes it will load and BOY was I wrong.

Someone help…I tried contacting episode before but they didn’t help me. Does anyone have a solution?


It happened to me just when my internet connection was low
Check your connections and try again :upside_down_face:

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Full bars for WiFi…

This happens to me sometimes.

I’d suggest just waiting some time, honestly, Try restarting your phone (I don’t mean like reset anything, but turn it off, then on)

Didn’t work😢

Try tomorrow :thinking:

The same things happening to me…

@idkmyself @TiaraBirdi I’d recommend both of you submit help tickets to the support team, they’d be happy to help. :smiley:

Same problem. App doesn’t load. Tried all the steps that have given after contacting episode but didn’t help

That didn’t help