Can't log into my episode account

So a while ago I accidentally logged into the wrong google account for the episode writing portal and now everytime I log out and try to log back in, it redirects me to the wrong account which I have no stories on. Most of the time it will log out after a period of time of not using it which is usually two weeks so I waited two weeks or more and it still keeps redirecting me(i’m using a chromebook and google chrome if that helps)

Here’s everything I’ve tried that hasn’t worked:

  • Tried logging in using my facebook account(same email as the right account so it says I already have an account under that email and still won’t log me in)
  • Restarted cookies
  • Restarted a lot of stuff like browsing history, too
  • Installed a redirect stopper extension(that just kept me at the writing portal without logging me in)
  • Waited a really f*cking long time(sorry I’m frustrated)

The wrong account I’m stuck logged into is my school account and my settings are stuck so I can’t remove the account from my google accounts then put it back in. I also can’t sign in as guest.

I’ve submitted a ticket but I’m not sure if this really an episode writing portal problem so much as it is a chromebook/google chrome problem. If you have an advice I’m pretty much open to anything

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Wow of course it’s that simple after I tried all the hard things! Thanks so much, it worked

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