Can't log into portal [Apple login - SOLVED]

I keep getting logged out, and it’s strange. I use Chrome, which has been amazing for me. I decided to try logging into Episode using Firefox, but I encountered this error message:


This is unusual as it has never happened before. I tried deleting cookies and even restarting my computer, but the issue persists on Firefox. I thought it might be a problem specific to Chrome, but it seems to be a site issue.

I need to start writing my new story, and I’ve spent hours planning it. However, this problem is demotivating. Any suggestions to fix this issue would be greatly appreciated!


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I am also experiencing this error!! On chrome browser while on a MAC.

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@EpisodePortalTeam can you fix this I already emailed the support team and it’s been hours!

This happened to me like twice but i usually just refresh and it’s gone :thinking:


I’ve tried refreshing and nothing and now my head hurts :sweat_smile:

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Have you submitted a support ticket yet.
I thought maybe this was a problem for all chrome users but mine is working fine :confused:

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Yeah I have but they haven’t responded it’s been a few hours so I’m just thinking of creating a new account and transfering my stories to there!

Ouu you could do that but last time this happened to me it was fixed a few days later when I checked but I get it if u wanna do something like in the moment, im pretty sure a few weeks back the same problem happened to a lot of people that’s why i just learned to forget about it for a while

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Yeah, and this seems like a repeating thing, as many people said this happened to them. Do you know how I can transfer all my stories and reads to a new account or just my stories?

I just looked it up and i dont think there’s a way :disappointed: I’m sorry

I think there is this author name. Alusza has done it, but maybe episode stopped doing it, I don’t know really, because she transferred all her stories and things over to this new account!

But also, thank you for all your help!

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Was this before or after she became an episode official author maybe it was because of that :thinking:

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I can’t remember but I think she was an offical author at the time!

Hi there, we’re sorry to see that you’re running into this issue and we want to let you know you’re not alone.

Are you logging in via Google, Facebook, or Apple?

We do see an issue with some folks being unable to log in via Apple, but some do manage to make it through after retrying.

I know it’s not much consolation.

At the moment, there doesn’t appear to be action that we can try to resolve this on the portal side.
As far as we can tell, the issue suddenly popped up around 12pm Pacific time yesterday.
As this may have to do with Apple’s services (which, at the moment, are reporting normal status), we are hoping that the issue may resolve itself overnight.

If you created a temporary account for now to work on your story, that may make it easy to continue your creative pursuits while we try to get this login issue solved.

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I’ve decided to use a new account I was using Apple but I’ve deleted the old account and made a new one I’m just wondering if I am able to transfer my old stories to this new account?

We’re not certain if you can transfer your stories from your old to new account, but support may best be able to help you with that, if possible.

Happy writing!


Thank you so much and thanks for all your help!

To those who followed along, we have resolved this login issue.

We thank the community for your patience as we dealt with this :pray:

If you run into login issues in the future, please don’t hesitate to submit a support ticket - that’s the best way for us to learn about problems and triage them.

(The forums are a great place to get community support, but for certain technical issues, support tickets really help us track them.)

Again, thank you all, and happy writing!

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