Can't login in the app.. (Login error)

Hi! i’m pretty much new here, my friend recommended me this app and i gotta say i enjoy it, it will be hard for me to write a story on mobile using chrome so i will plan on writing one when i get a new computer (yes, i’m aware i can write it on app version if that’s what you wanted to tell me).

so if you’re wondering, i got a problem and is that, i just joined and unfortunately, when i tried to login into the app with google, it gives me this.

and i know this isn’t the first time this happens since i have seen others had it too but that was before the update because the forums are 2-3 years ago, i tried restarting and it didn’t work, i don’t think uninstalling it will solve it either, plus i just got into the full access.

if there’s any ways, it would be grateful. i don’t know how long will it keep going like this.

anyways, sorry about my English, it’s not my first language so excuse my grammar…

It’s been over 5 years since I made my writing account so I could be wrong about this, but you might need to make your writing account on the computer first? I could be wrong but it’s at least worth a shot. You could do it on chrome on your mobile device too, it doesn’t have to be a computer.

Or if you already made it and I misunderstood you then my bad :joy:

It’s alright (also i apology for the very late reply, i barely come active here) and i did tried doing it on chrome too on mobile and unfortunately, it still couldn’t work, i don’t know why but thanks for your help. :heart: