Can't Login on App HELP

EDIT: I FIGURED IT OUT, it worked omce i unlocked the full app.

Hey so im trying to log into my email on the app however whenever i do so it gives the confirmation message

And i cant click ok and the app just crashes.

I tried to log in usuing the facebook method instead but it said since the email for facebook is a gmail account to use the google sign in instead but it crashes when i do that and ugh i just want to preview my stories.

Any advice is useful

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Hey I would recommend deleting it then reinstalling it . Then log in with whatever platform your going to use . I know what I log into a different account it will show a pop up then when I click it throw me out of the app but then I’m in that other account . Hope this helps!

If not then maybe send a help ticket ?

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Check and make sure the app is up to date. If you don’t need to update it you could try uninstalling and reinstalling or maybe try logging in from a different device if possible just to see if it’s just you phone that’s the problem.

Another thing that may effect tht is storage. When I was running low on storage on my phone that same thing happened to me but then I cleared up space and it helped.

Hope one of these helps.

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