Can't login through my gmail?

Unfortunately I don’t have any images because I can’t really take a picture of something that won’t appear, I’ll get to the point now. On February 15th, 2020, I uninstalled Episode thinking the fact I couldn’t be able to favourite stories was a glitch, same with their profile picture not appearing on my screen. When I re-installed episode back, I tried restoring my data through my gmail account but oddly whenever I tap the google sign in, the option for my gmail account won’t show… won’t even work! It’s frustrating because only FaceBook’s will work but I don’t have a facebook so I’m upset and REALLY don’t want to start over! I have really epic stories and it’ll take me a lot of time in my day to find them and catch up to where I was, any help here? :[

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That’s the same thing that happened to me except the gmail part. Maybe just send in a ticket and see what they can do? Or you can close the app and restart it.

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Thanks for the tip, I tried restarting and re-installing it to fix this but no hope. I’ll try and send in a ticket once I find out how to.

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@JemU776 do you have the link to the ticket website?

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I’ve already made an request, it’s been 11 hours or more, now I can’t find my request and I’ve tried solving it by logging in through a different phone but the phones are two different types so my issue is still yet to be solved. I’ve tried everything and now I’m really desperate.

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I’m sorry, but those are the only two ways I know how to fix it.

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I’ve made another one, I hope it gets answered quicker than before. Thank you for your help, I’ll update if anything happens.

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Update: They supposedly solved my issue, I am happy they attempted to fix it but they’ve mistaken it as a different problem which is completely understandable, I see where they could get mixed up on this. I replied to the sweet lady who tried solving my issue kindly telling her it’s a different issue on that note, it’s to remain unsolved but I’ll update again if anything else happens.

@Security Creating more than one ticket for the same issue will ultimately cause your wait for a reply to take even longer. Just a tip for next time you might have to submit a ticket to the team.

Please reply to the ticket that the team replied to you on letting them know of the mistake. If they are not made aware of it then chances are you will be stuck with the same issue until the team is made aware of the mistake and can then correct it for you. Thanks! :v:

Oh, I’m sorry! I’ve made a few tickets because I thought since I didn’t have an account they couldn’t see or reply to it, but then I made a account and haven’t made a ticket since, only replying to them who’ve replied to me. But thank you for the tip! In the future if a issue happens again then I’ll know what to do and what not do. By the way, my issue was recently solved by a amazing lady who replied seven hours ago. But for now I have to wait for the restore by username and password feature to appear till I can log back in.

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Is this what you mean by won’t open? If so, as you can see, I have the same issue. I randomly figured out by chance that if you press ok, then swipe up for the back button or option, press it twice, it’ll go into your library. That’s what I’ve been doing when I open my app. I also have a plethora of other issue with my app, and I’ve sent in 2 help tickets with no help whatsoever. It’s also attached to my Gmail, so whenever I log it, it comes up with the screenshots I shared.

Also with the profiles, they’re under maintenance, so they’re not showing for anyone.

I hope this helps

Unfortunately that’s not what I am referring to. I’ll go to the login option and press ‘login through gmail’ but it won’t redirect me to my account, I’ll still be on a starter account with no diamonds and only 2 tickets. I can’t login to my account and I’ve read TONS of stories yet I’m still not able to login. It’s not a newbie thing because I’ve checked on a new phone which is a different type compared to mine, it can login through gmail but won’t work because a different device type. Nobody has been able to help me, and it’s never been fixed, I’ve been upset for a while now and at this point, I just gave up. I lost all my stories, ones that meant a lot to me even when I finished them, and then ones I was previously reading, I had to re-read/restart it all.

I hope that it gets fixed, and that it’s only happening because of the profiles under maintenance.