Can't login through username & password

Here we go again… some may know me from a post where I couldn’t login through my gmail, it was fixed gladly but it was a little too late because I started making progress on my new account and got some pretty good stories. I paid for tickets and then I had deleted my app today and reinstalled it an hour ago. I was logged into my old account and, I tried logging into my new account through my username and password but it WON’T work. (Here we go agaaaain.) No, I do not have gmail’s connected to it or face-books, I only have the username and password memorized. Now I tried logging in and I must admit it KIND OF logged me in but not really. You might be curious what I mean… when I go to settings my username and password will be there, the one I put down, but my data won’t be… it’ll be my old account’s data like what? (Really getting annoyed at this point.) My account had 12 tickets and 14 diamonds. I will be submitting a ticket and I hope this situation will be fixed because I do NOT want to reread the stories all over again, trying to catch up to where I was last at. I’d be glad to hear your thoughts and possible solutions.

UPDATE: It’s been fixed, thank you Episode team!