Can't make a choice in Preview

Hey, so for maybe the past 3-4 days I haven’t been able to make a choice while previewing my story in the portal. I don’t know if it’s something I typed in wrong. However, when I preview my story in the app, the choice goes through perfectly fine.

Not to sure what I should or can do

Thanks in advance :smiley:

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there’s a chance that it could just be a glitch or something, can I see the script?

That sounds like a glitch with the portal. You should try submitting a support ticket and seeing if they can help you, if you haven’t already.

Hey there @AlexaPablo, welcome to the forum! :smiley: Like @passionfruit suggested, you may need to submit a help ticket to our support team, since this could be a glitch in the portal.

I’ll do that now, Thanks!

I’ll do that now, Thank you!

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