Can't make Character do a command?

Hi all, so I am having a problem with my story. In the story I have a group of people in a scene and I have made them all decide to go to the bar so I have made four of them walk away but I wanted the two lovers of the story to stay behind and have a cute little convo moment but as soon as the other move off the two lovers won’t talk at all even though I have put it in the script that they do. ie:
MAGGIE (talk_sheepish_rubneck)
blah blah blah
…but they don’t do it. They just stand there doing nothing. How can this be fixed?Screenshot (1)

Can you show me that part of the script, please?

You might want to include a screenshot of your script. It is hard for people to help you without seeing what could be wrong with the script.

Hiya :relaxed: I am just doing that now :grin:

try pressing TAB 2 times on those lines " MAGGIE (talk_sheepish_rubneck)" and “DARRAGH (talk_explain_neutral)”.
After you pressed TAB twice, press TAB once on the line that contains what they say. AKA “So I hope…friends blabla” and “A ragind bull wouldn’t…”

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I will give it a go, thank you

If you did it right, the names should appear blue and the animation green.

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Because line 896, you coded Pippa to exit right twice.

Remove the bolded line:
…AND PIPPA exits right AND PIPPA exits right

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I see it now :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I will give it a go

That worked @Angel.L, thank you and thank you to you too @cartswhat :grin: