Can't make characters looks small

Hey guys, So i really tried to make my characters look small, like kids… But it isn’t working. I tried like some 10 times but the size of the characters is not changing. I am copying my script below please tell me if i did any mistake.

@LITTLE ASHLEY spot 0.773 148 111
@LITTLE ASHLEY enters from left to screen center AND LITTLE ASHLEY does it while run_jog
@LITTLE ASHLEY is cheer_loop

@LITTLE RIA spot 0.780 50 121
@LITTLE RIA enters from left to screen left AND LITTLE RIA does it while run_jog

    LITTLE ASHLEY (dance_jazzhands)
NO one can catch me.

@LITTLE RIA is laugh_giggle

@LITTLE MYRA spot 0.876 272 63
@LITTLE MYRA enters from right to screen right AND LITTLE MYRA faces left

Thank you

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Even though you’re spotting characters as a smaller size, once you use the “enters from” command the character turns back to its default size. You have to use the Spot Walking method.

Here’s a guide:

You’ll find the answer on part 1.

What command should i give if i want them entering while running?

Do the same command but add the character running on the same line.

@CHAR walks to S X Y in zone ___ AND CHAR is run_animation

Hey sorry it is just confusing. I am making my character enter from right but then even after as told it is coming in default size. I am going to attach the script below please correct me where its wrong.
@LITTLE MYRA spot 0.876 500 63 in zone 4
@LITTLE MYRA walks to spot 0.876 500 63 in zone 3
@LITTLE MYRA enters from right to screen right AND LITTLE MYRA faces left

    LITTLE MYRA (talk_apathetic)
Are you sure about that?

Thank you

Take out, “@LITTLE MYRA enters from right to screen right AND LITTLE MYRA faces left,” because as @RudeInception said, once you use the enters from command, the characters lose their spot size and return to default size.

Keep @LITTLE MYRA walks to spot 0.876 500 63 in zone 3 in 3 (or whatever timed amount you want her to enter the scene) and LITTLE MYRA does it while (insert animation of walk or run)

Finally, the size got rectified i tried the way you told before but then character wasnt appearing. Now the characters appears in the desired size but then only half of her body is coming not full. i tried doing spot directing but not working.
Sorry for making it a mess.
Thank you for your time.

Can you post your script please?

I actually think I understand what you mean about half her body appearing in the screen. You need to use the spot director to move her to wherever you want - so if she’s appearing off in the corner, move her to where you want her to be and change the coordinates to fit that.

This might help you bc it’s visual and walks you through it. :slight_smile:

@LITTLE MYRA spot 0.780 320 119 in zone 4
@LITTLE MYRA walks to spot 0.780 320 119 in zone 3 in 2

Thank you so much, I really hope it works. :smile:

I’m sure you’ll be fine. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. :slight_smile:

OMG, thank you so much @RudeInception and @kw.episode for your help. The guide for spot walking and the video helped a lot.
I appreciate your time. :blush:

Aw that makes me so happy! I’m so happy you figured it out, I knew you could! :heart:

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Hey, Do you mind if i ask one more thing. ?
Sorry for bothering again but i am not able to search this on queries

I wanted to make one character run in opposite but as kids only. so for them to do the animation as kids i copied that spot directing but i am not able to make the character run along the panned area like as the camera goes from zone 3 to zone 2. but it goes to zone 2 directly.
so how to fix it?

Can you explain that a bit more, I’m a little confused. Are you trying to have the camera follow them as they run?

yes. That’s my motive.
sorry was making it sound confusing
AND to make to run in direction opposite she was facing in the previous scene

Ah I see! You can’t use the follow command when you spot direct, so you’d do something like

&pan to zone # in (time in seconds)

@LITTLE MYRA (insert spot coordinates, zone, then time) and @LITTLE MYRA faces (direction you want her in) and @LITTLE MYRA does it while (animation)

Make sure you match up your panned time with the spot time so it pans the same time she’s performing her action. So if the panned seconds you choose are 4 seconds then she also moves to her spot in 4 seconds.

I’ll give it a try. Hope it works

Hey, It’s actually not working. I have pasted the script. Can you please check it?
the girl is calling out in different direction firstly then, the pan action is happening but the girl isn’t running along with it.

@DAD stands screen left AND DAD faces right
DAD (wave_extreme)
Yo, Girls! Get here soon it’s getting late.

@cut to zone 3

    LITTLE ASHLEY (talk_call_out)
I'm coming.

&pan to zone 2 in 4

@LITTLE ASHLEY spot 0.773 200 111 in zone 2 AND LITTLE ASHLEY faces left
#LITTLE ASHLEY does it while run_casual