Can't make the camera follow the character as she moves

Hello, I was able to make my character move from left to the right, but I can’t make the camera follow her. @follow … doesn’t work.

Here’s my code for this part:


music music_darkdance

@zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 0.1

@MARIELLE stands screen right AND MARIELLE faces left AND MARIELLE walks to screen left
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@follow CHAR to screen right in zone #
That’s the command you would use.

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Hey! You have to wright

@charactersname walks to POSITION in zone X

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I don’t think you can use the follow command in just one zone :thinking: you would need to zoom closer to your character and just use a zoom whilst they’re walking


You don’t need to zoom

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Her zoom is reset, so the camera can’t move left-right in one zone. So she would have to zoom closer if she wants the camera to move with her character unless she’s moving to another zone, which she hasn’t specified in the script.


Okay the last command is not correct . You have to do write the separate.
@MARIELE stands screen right
@MARIELE faces left
And then do the command i told you

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You don’t have to write them separately, everything can be on one line as long you use AND, but that’s not even her problem :wink:

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@fallow works only if the character moves in another zone… That means when he moves offscreen.

Your character is still in 1 zone so you should be able to see him moving all the time on the screen because your zoon is set on 0.

So the real question is WHAT DO YOU WANT.

Do you actually want the character to move to another zone and the camera to fallow him?

Than it will look something like this:

@CHARACTER stands screen center in zone 1
@fallow CHARACTER to screen center in zone 3 AND CHARACTER walks to screen center in zone 3

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Thats not true that she must write it separatly. By using AND and THEN you can have a lot of commands in one line. I really do not want that it souds mean… But consider if it is wise to try to tell other thay have wrong code whyle you are (I assume) still begginer and it might therefore look to you wrong only because you do not know it.

thanks! it actually works :wink:

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