Can't open/preview my own story on app

I’m the only one with this problem?
I switched my accounts since I changed my writing portal email.
I can read any story from app… Except mine :unamused:
Every time I open it… The app dies.
I deleted caches, deleted data, reinstall the app, reset phone. Nothing works.
I can’t preview my own story no matter what I try to do. :sob::woman_facepalming:
I use Huawei P30 Lite…with the famous Android :unamused:. Only on the old account I can preview… No matter what new device I use this new account… is not working.
I’m tired, annoyed, exhausted. :sob:


Have you signed into the right account? And checked if there are any conformation emails you need to look at since changing your email? If so I suggest sending a support ticket

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Yes I did!
I wanted to see first if the problem is only on my app or there are also others with this upsetting error.

Strange :thinking: I’m afraid I don’t know what else to suggest other than sending a support ticket.

Sorry I couldn’t be more help

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This happened to me and others but eventually started working. Here’s my thread about it

It seems like you can never get rid of it. I would suggest sending a ticket because thats what i did.

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Oh boy! This last update killed my joy!
Thank you. I will fill a ticket to them.
Hopefully, they will fix this soon.

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