Can't open the app!

I don’t know if it was just me, but I can’t open the app for some reason. When I click on the app it loads and go back to my main screen! Send help! ;-;


I didnt have that problem. Did you check your internet, and maybe waited a few hours and tried again?

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Moved to Report a Bug Mobile App. @Mai_Chi please contact support with a help ticket. They’d be happy to help with this issue :smiley:

Either turn off and your phone back on. If that still doesnt work then Delete/ reinstall the app. If it still doesnt work, then delete the app/ turn your phone off and back on/ reinstall the app. If none of these work then i suggest send a support ticket. Hopefully your issue is fixed girly.

thank you guys, I tried wait for a few hours then open again, and it works.

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Thats great girly :wink:

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